Tech Day Musical Schedule

April 8, 2017 The Boy Friend Tech Day Schedule

9:00 – Everyone called

9:15 – Vocal warm-ups

9:30 – Riviera & Sur la Plage with cast & pit

9:45 – Tech Crews in place

10:00 – Full run of show (no wireless mics)

12:00ish – Lunch as soon as run is complete (provided by SSMA)

1:00ish – Run what needs to be fixed

3:00 – Choreography rehearsal

Sound crew dismissed after tear-down

Light crew meet with Mr. Heinekamp

5:00 – Cast, crew, pit dismissed

Madrigals 2016

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2016 Madrigal Dinner spectacular. From the student servers, to the parent volunteers, to the actors and singers of the cast, to the instrumentalists, the performances were well done. We had an almost sold out night on Saturday! I will be posting pictures of the evenings in the Facebook page as well as on here, once I filter through them.