Mattress Fundraiser

Sandwich Music Dept Mattress Fundraiser

Coming up on February 10th, the Sandwich Music Dept will be hosting their first ever Mattress fundraiser. We are looking to make this a very successful event!

Important dates:

  • Mon January 22nd 6pm at SHS – Parent Meeting
    • Please attend if you are able! The music department will make $5 per parent that attends up to $500!
  • Tues January 30th during the day – Student Meetings
  • Sat February 10th – 10am-5pm Event!
Sandwich Email Flyer

ILMEA District VIII Information

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to represent Sandwich at the ILMEA District VIII festival!


  • Michael Barbey
  • Griffin Roake
  • Lauren Angus
  • Payton Conkright
  • Mitchell Hintzsche
  • Zac Talbot
  • Avrie Van Conant
  • Genevieve Weiss


  • Katie Alderman
  • Dominic Cosentino
  • Jacob Scalf
  • Julie Baez
  • Kim Baez
  • Sydney Chmielewski
  • McKenna Daly
  • JoAnna Holly
  • Zach Piel
  • Logan Scalf
  • Seth Weeks
  • Caroline Welte

Below you will find information related to the District Festival on Sat Nov. 18