Choir Updates

Men’s Choir will be starting next Monday, September 26. We will have a brief meeting that day (10-15 minutes) starting at 3:10. Can’t wait to see all of you there.

I8 – This year, the directors of I8 stressed the importance of sending balanced quartets or trios so that when all the students arrive, the entire choirs are balanced. Students attending I8 on November 7 are the following:

Dani Albright
Kim Baez
Katie Brubaker
Jaden Frantzen
Jo Holly
Jolene Morgan
Gage Murray
Elaine Pendry
Zach Piel
Amanda Roehn
Sommer Savage
Logan Scalf
Gabby Szafranski
Delaney Talty
Harley Tate
Caroline Welte
Raven Wiborg

ILMEA – Auditions for Distric 8 ILMEA are on October 8. Please be practicing your scales, sight-reading, and music. I will have after school rehearsals next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (September 28, 29, and 30. Please let me know if you will be attending these rehearsals. If none of these work for you, see me.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail me at

Mrs. Manning

ILMEA Auditions 2015

Inter­ested in Audi­tion for ILMEA in 2015?

This is a fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­nity to play with great, like-minded play­ers as well as per­form solid lit­er­a­ture and work with renowned conductors.

Here are the dates to know:

  • Sept 14–16 ILMEA Instru­men­tal Pre-Screening — Play your solo for Mr. H
  • Sept 18 ILMEA Nom­i­na­tion Due — To be nom­i­nated you must let Mr. H/Ms. S early and per­form for them dur­ing the Pre-Screening time
  • Oct 10 ILMEA Auditions
  • Nov 14 Jazz ILMEA Festival
  • Nov 21 ILMEA Jr/Sr Band and Choir Festival
  • Jan 27–30 ILMEA All-State

Audi­tion Material

All of the mate­r­ial, and resources need for next year’s audi­tion are avail­able on our ILMEA Set 3 Page

Tips and Practicing

  • The great­est way to pre­pare any audi­tion is with the aid of a Pri­vate Instruc­tor. If you are inter­ested in Pri­vate Instruc­tion please let Mr. H know! There are many resources and peo­ple avail­able to you to help! Pri­vate lessons are the sin­gle great­est com­mit­ment that can change the way you play your instrument.
  • Start NOW — many stu­dents wait to pre­pare for the audi­tions or try to “cram” for the audition. The ear­lier you start, the ear­lier you can pre­pare. It does not work to cram for auditions!
  • Split up the work — don’t think you have to prac­tice all of the pieces from start to end every time you prac­tice. Focus your efforts and divide up the piece. See Mr. H for more details and guid­ance on how to do this!!!
  • Keep a journal/log — Many stu­dents get frus­trated because they don’t feel like they are improv­ing. It is hard to know if you are or aren’t if you aren’t keep­ing track! A prac­tice jour­nal helps show exactly what you were or will be work­ing on. Keep track of seg­ments you are doing, fun­da­men­tals, notes on your per­for­mance and tempo mark­ings. This focuses your prac­tice and helps show progress.
  • Record your­self – It is hard to hear our­selves play but I promise this is a great way to improve. Try it the first time you play to have a ref­er­ence. I guar­an­tee you will improve and feel good when you go back and lis­ten a few months later!
  • Get help! – This goes back to Pri­vate Lessons but your music teach­ers would love to help you improve. Seek them out!

Let us know if we can be of assis­tance in any way! Good luck!

Now get practicing =)