Washington DC Information

I will be putting all of our information regarding the Washington DC trip here.


Finalized Itinerary

Packing List

Chaperone and Rooming Assignment*

*Chaperone Assignment might shift but rooming assignments will not


Other Q&A:

Q: How much money should I send my kid(s) with?

A: All meals are covered through either a per diem (cash), prepaid meals or meal vouchers. Therefore any money a student carries would be for backup cash or for souvenirs.


Q:How should I handle medication?

A: Medication is more up to the parent. We are happy to hold on to any medication and give out daily doses or simply have on hand. We can also monitor medication amounts or you can allow your child to use their own medication. We ask that you communicate to us what your decision is so we can assist!


Q: Are there any special clothes/uniform considerations?

A: Plan for cold weather. Make sure you are dressing very warmly, especially for the Inauguration event as we will be outside for a long period of time. The performance dress code is Tuxes and Concert Dresses for the instrumentalists and Choir Robes for the vocalists.