Music Notes for April 24

Elementary Concerts:

Elementar Concerts 2014 (1)

 From Mr. Anderson:

“First of all I would like to thank all of you for wonderful spring concerts. The children were wonderful, and your support is second to none! As the school year comes to a close we will be moving fast and/or slow into the expressive elements of music. Students will recognize different tempos and dynamic levels in music, as well as to understand different styles and genres of music. We will also listen to music and discuss culture of music from South America, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Zaire, and music dating back to the roots of pop culture, rock-n-roll, rhythm and blues, ragtime and jazz. We will learn the format of 12 bar blues, and use classroom instruments to develop a deeper understanding of why and how composers will use tempo and dynamics in various genres to outline the mood and feeling of music.”

Thank you to everyone who attended the Elementary Concerts!

5/6th and 7/8th Band and Choir Concerts

Due to some school and extra-curricular scheduling conflicts the Spring Band and Choir Concert dates had to be moved.
Below are the NEW dates by grade:

  • 5th/6th Grade Band and Choir Concert – Tuesday April 29th 7pm at SMS
  • 7th/8th Grade Band and Choir Concert – Thursday May 1st 7pm at SMS

****This is the same email I sent on out through Tyler on March 19th. I’m sending another Tyler system email today.


Practices for the Renegade Regiment have begun in earnest. The colorguard schedule is set and is available on the colorguard page. Percussion have had their informational meeting on Monday and Mr. Coon and I have worked out a schedule that can be found on the percussion page.

Congratulations to our new Jr. Drum Major – John Sauer! He will be taking over the Assistant Drum Major position for Summer and Fall as Joe Duffy takes the big podium as Head Drum Major.

Remember to check out the Calendar page frequently to keep up to date!


Be sure that you are communicating with Entourage regarding any final balances due. If you want to use any fundraising money make sure students fill out their Student Account Payment Form and submit it to me ASAP.

Upcoming Events

  • April 29 5/6th Band and Choir Concert 7pm
  • May 1 7/8th Band and Choir Concert 7pm
  • May 2 Jazz Concert at SHS 7pm
  • May 6 SHS Band Concert 7pm
  • May 13 SHS Choir Concert 7pm
  • May 15 SHS Awards Ceremony 7pm

Check that calendar page for all of the dates coming up!


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