Disney Payment


The Final Disney Payment is due tomorrow, Friday April, 20. I will be checking all balances at the beginning of next week and contacting those who are not meeting the total amount needed. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns regarding your child's balance or regarding payment.

We are still waiting for the total income from the Candles and Coffee fundraisers to come in so they will not be reflected in the student accounts. 

Thanks so much!

Disney Payment Reminder

Hello all!

A reminder that Disney Payment #3 is due tomorrow. The suggested amount is $200, which can be paid here, or by check to Sandwich High School. 

I will be posting a report of everyone's Disney status after this payment so everyone knows where they stand as we get close to our final payment! 

Thanks so much!

Disney Payment Due Feb 24th

Please remember that there is a Disney Payment due on Friday, Feb. 24. The suggested payment amount is $200.

After this payment I will be posting the current balances so everyone knows their current balance. 

If you follow the suggested amount then you will have paid the following at after the next payment:
$100 deposit (11/18/11)
$200 first payment (1/20/12)
$200 second payment (2/24/12)
$500 total paid with $188 remaining for final payment

Please contact me if you have questions!

Disney Payment

Next Disney Payment due Jan 20!

Please remember that the next Disney Payment is due on Jan 20th which is a week from today. The suggested payment is for $200 and may be paid online here (SHS 2011-2012 Renegade Band – Florida Trip (Option 1)) or by check to Sandwich High School and given to me on Friday.