Interested in Audition for ILMEA in 2014?

This is a fantastic opportunity to play with great, like-minded players as well as perform solid literature and work with renowned conductors.

If you would like to audition for ILMEA start planning early! The summer is the best time to prepare and work on your audition material (we all know how crazy the fall gets!).

Here are the dates to know:

  • Sept 15-18 ILMEA Instrumental Pre-Screening – Play your solo for Mr. H
  • Sept 19 ILMEA Nomination Due – To be nominated you must let Mr. H/Ms. S early and perform for them during the Pre-Screening time
  • Oct 11 ILMEA Auditions
  • Nov 15 Jazz ILMEA Festival
  • Nov 22 ILMEA Jr/Sr Band and Choir Festival
  • Jan 28-31 ILMEA All-State

Audition Material

All of the material, and resources need for next year’s audition are available on our ILMEA Set 2 Audition page.

Tips and Practicing

  • The greatest way to prepare any audition is with the aid of a Private Instructor. If you are interested in Private Instruction please let Mr. H know! There are many resources and people available to you to help! Private lessons are the single greatest commitment that can change the way you play your instrument.
  • Start NOW – many students wait until when the school year begins to prepare for the auditions. The earlier you start, the earlier you can prepare. It does not work to cram for auditions!
  • Split up the work – don’t think you have to practice all of the pieces from start to end every time you practice. Focus your efforts and divide up the piece. See Mr. H for more details and guidance on how to do this!!!
  • Keep a journal/log – Many students get frustrated because they don’t feel like they are improving. It is hard to know if you are or aren’t if you aren’t keeping track! A practice journal helps show exactly what you were or will be working on. Keep track of segments you are doing, fundamentals, notes on your performance and tempo markings. This focuses your practice and helps show progress.
  • Record yourself – It is hard to hear ourselves play but I promise this is a great way to improve. Try it the first time you play to have a reference. I guarantee you will improve and feel good when you go back and listen a few months later!
  • Get help! – This goes back to Private Lessons but your music teachers would love to help you improve. Seek them out!

Let us know if we can be of assistance in any way! Good luck!

Now get practicing =)


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